Create Items and Groups

Creates the product and category catalogue at a location.

This endpoint is used to sync the full product structure at a location from the POS to Apicbase, which includes groups, subgroups, products and modifiers.

Groups (categories) exist in a tree structure: a group can have child items, but it can also have subgroups with their own child items and subgroups. Every item must belong to a group, and an item cannot belong to more than one group.


This endpoint replaces any existing product structure.

This action replaces the existing product catalogue with the one sent in the payload. Existing products will have their attributes edited to match their values in the payload, and products and groups absent from it will be marked as deleted.

Location IDs

Location IDs identify an outlet, but they are not outlet IDs. This is a value shared by both Apicbase and the integrating party. It must be either specified from the user interface (through the outlet settings page) or POSTed via the Set Connection Settings endpoint.


This field represents the ID of the product or the group in the POS system. It's the ID native to the POS. It is secondary to the PLU when used to identify a product in a sale. Although optional, we recommend that you always specify this value.

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