Get Purchase Orders

Gets a list of all purchase orders in the library.


This view is restricted for integrated suppliers.

Partner supplier applications who have access to this endpoint can only retrieve orders addressed to them. Normal users have access to the full list.

Order status

Adding items to your cart in Apicbase instantiates a purchase order, orders in this state can already be retrieved by this endpoint. A Purchase Order can have the following states:

  • IN_PROGRESS: the order is in the cart, and its items can still be edited.
  • ORDERED: the order has been sent to the supplier, delivery is expected.
  • DELIVERED: the order has been at least partially delivered. An order can have more than one delivery, and this state means that at least one has already taken place.

Additionally the delivery_closed status indicates whether deliveries are still expected for some Purchase Order. They are only in a true final state when delivery_closed is true. This value is always false for orders in an IN_PROGRESS or ORDERED state.


An order does not need to be complete to be closed.

Being closed is not an indication that the order was completely fulfilled. Orders can be partially fulfilled, and they can also have delivered items beyond the ones that were ordered.

Invoice status values

The invoice_status attribute can have these values, with these meanings:

0Not yet received

Viewed and fetched by supplier

The "viewed by supplier" date is set when a supplier opens the email sent by Apicbase, or in the case of integrated suppliers, by a trigger defined by themselves.

The "fetched by supplier" date is only set by integrated suppliers retrieving POs via our API, and indicates when the order was fetched by their system.

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