Get Item Sales Data

Returns product sales data at a specific outlet.

This is a detailed endpoint that provides sales data complete with cost and profit information, as well as selected attributes of the recipe linked to the sold POS item.

Some data can be freely modified even after the sales have been processed. It's the case of the linked recipe, which can change at any moment if the user decouples the POS item and links it to a different recipe.

This action can in less common circumstances also change the food cost and profit values of historical data. Use the updated_at filters to track these changes.


Curious about how Apicbase calculates food cost?

This is one of the most powerful features offered by Apicbase. We do our best to calculate the impact of product sales on the inventory's total value with the information available to us at the time of processing.

If it's not possible to calculate it this way (because maybe, for example, the raw items that make up the product that was sold were not found in inventory) we will still populate the food_cost returned on this endpoint based on the historical cost price of the linked recipe. Read more about how we calculate this on our knowledge base.

Each "line" retrieved from this endpoint represents a consolidation of ticket lines. While they don't correspond to individual ticket lines, they also don't aggregate sales over specific time periods. This aggregation depends on the frequency of the automated sales processing routine. In other words, it's important not to assume that a single ticket line will entirely cover all sales of a particular product on a given day.

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