Exposing Detailed Data

If you have an app that serves content sourced from Apicbase to other users (for example, serving recipe data every time a customer taps on a recipe on your app) then it is crucial that you do not query the Apicbase API for that item with every request that comes from an end user.

The Apicbase API is not intended to be used as a live API that serves content in real-time. It was not designed for this purpose, and if you launch your app in this state, it will quickly run into our rate limits and may potentially even incur extra costs.

If you require access to data that is only available in the detail endpoints, such as recipe allergen information, then it's important to implement a caching solution that creates local copies of these items in a database. This is crucial for the functionality of your application. To keep these local copies up-to-date, it's recommended to periodically poll items by their modified date. This will prevent your application from fetching redundant data that hasn't changed, every time you need to access a recipe or another object.