📂 Retrieving Files

Some endpoints return temporary URLs that direct to files. Special notions apply.

URLs generated on our S3 buckets, where files uploaded to Apicbase are stored, expire after 15 minutes. URLs are invalidated after this expiration time has passed. Don't use these URLs to embed media or you'll be displaying broken content.

If you must save or link to files, your application should download them from the referenced URL to the local file storage.

Checking for Updates

These URLs include a filename (after the final forward slash and before the query params) that is persistent -- you can check against this filename to see if the file has changed and if it needs to be downloaded again.


Don't poll the API to get updated URLs to files

If you need to reuse these files, it's better to download them. Do not query the same endpoint to get a new URL for every time you need them again.

Example: in the URL https://production-apicvault.s3.amazonaws.com/rooms/apic_user_3475/download_7MkdGJt.png?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIA3XQ5A2DMB6D7NGVP&Signature=wKm1De%2FbppyO%2FvlyfK515PAw4UQ%3D&Expires=1592415192, the filename is download_7MkdGJt.png