Valid Base Units

In this documentation, you will encounter multiple endpoints for creating and editing entities, some of which incorporate fields detailing units of measurement. These fields exclusively accept a well-defined list of values as valid measurement units. Refer to this page for an exhaustive list of these accepted values.

  • For mass: μg, mg, g, kg, tonne, oz, lb, metric ton, short ton, long ton
  • For volume: cm³ (use as cubic_centimeter), dm³ (use as cubic_decimeter), ft³ (use as cubic_foot), in³ (use as cubic_inch), m³ (use as cubic_meter), mm³ (use as cubic_milliliter), cup (UK), cup (US), fl oz (UK), fl oz (US), gal (UK), gal (US), l, pt (UK), pt (US), qt (UK), qt (UK), tbsp (UK), tbsp (UK), tsp (UK), tsp (UK), DZ, #10
  • Nondescript size: piece