Getting Started

Supplier ordering and assortment API integration for Apicbase customers.

1. Introduction

Apicbase offers an API integration for suppliers to connect with our platform. This connection can be used to automate the orders placed in Apicbase or the customer assortment available for the customer in our platform.

Apicbase can help you automate the orders either via webhooks, which we send the orders directly to your system, or via API endpoints, where you need to actively consume our data and keep track of new orders.

The assortment integration is not mandatory but it can be useful if you are interested on being more strict about the orders placed to your system. Integrating the assortment allows the supplier to:

  • Control the catalogue of articles available a customer, either for the whole customer group or for each one of the customer locations.
  • Avoid orders for articles temporarily or permanently unavailable.
  • Ensure the article numbers are correct, which are the unique code to identify the product sent over in integrated orders.

2. Want to Become an Integrated Supplier?

We are open to partnering with companies who want to provide integrated ordering and assortment solutions to our customers. If you are interested in partnering with us, please first check our requirements for the Ordering and Assortment integrations, then send us an email to [email protected] including the following information:

  1. Your company (website, amount of employees, how many customers are being served, regions that you're active in...)
  2. Which mutual customers are involved in the integration?
  3. Which mutual customer will be using the integration as a first test customer in the beta phase?
  4. Technical contact (who can we contact, in the case of issues?)
  5. Technical contact's phone number
  6. The main functional, operational and commercial contacts (email is OK)
  7. Preferred method of ordering: webhook or API endpoint?
  8. Are you interested in the ordering integration only? Or in both ordering and assortment integrations?

3. Start Development

After receiving the information requested in the last section, Apicbase will get back to you with the following:

  1. A Sandbox Account so you can test the integration as a customer in our web platform.
  2. The credentials (client ID and secret) in order to be able to authenticate in our API.

Please notice your test account will be active in our acceptance environment. So please be aware all the endpoints mentioned in the documentation must be adapted to the following: