In Case of Issues

In the event that an issue arises with a POS system integrated via the Generic POS API, we may direct customers to the support channel provided by the integrating partner during the certification call. We require partners to provide this support because, due to the nature of these issues, we are often not able to diagnose or resolve them ourselves.

To ensure the best possible customer experience, we ask our POS integration partners to be proactive and communicative. Such problems can have a significant impact on a customer's data and may cause difficult or even impossible-to-resolve issues.

Get in touch with us immediately at [email protected] if an issue is preventing your system from sending sales data to Apicbase. Please provide a dedicated technical contact as support teams may not have the technical depth to resolve such issues. It's essential that we have a quick exchange of information if it's an issue that needs to be fixed from your side.

We also request that you provide as much technical information as possible when reporting an issue, such as the endpoint that was called, the error message and status code of the response, whether it's a new error, and if any changes were made to the integration recently. Please keep in mind that there's only so much that can be deduced from "the POS is not synchronising".