Partnerships and Certification


We welcome partnerships with all sorts of innovative services that can provide added value to our customers. If you are looking to integrate with Apicbase, we offer a great integration tool that can seamlessly fit into any kitchen's tech ecosystem. Visit our integrations page to see how many products currently integrate with us.


Get in Touch.

We'd love to get to know you – reach out to [email protected] and let's talk.

💪 Setting Up

Everything starts with that introductory email – once that's out of the way, it's time to get your hands dirty.

As a partner, you get your own set of user credentials and access to a sandbox Apicbase account that you can use to test your integration and get a feel for how everything works. This is a safe environment for you to create, edit and delete data in.

Are you all set? Then check out the quick start tutorial to get going with the Apicbase API.

🤩 Get Certified

Obtaining certification as an Apicbase partner opens up marketing opportunities and enables your business to be showcased on our integrations page as a certified partner.

The certification process is straightforward, and we simply verify that your integration is functioning as expected, adhering to our best practices, and of course, not causing any issues. To get started, email [email protected] to schedule a brief quality assurance call where we will review these criteria. During the call, we may ask a few simple questions about your integration ("Which endpoints you are using?", "How do you manage your tokens?"), and may request a brief demonstration.


POS partners are requested to follow specific guidelines.

Because this is such a critical module, we have to be a bit more cautious when certifying POS partners. These additional points will also be considered during the certification process.

If everything looks good, we'll provide you with your own set of client credentials with which you can connect to customer libraries!

Certified partners who have not implemented the OAuth login flow can also request to be listed as an integration on the API Settings page in the user interface. This will allow users to generate tokens for your application.